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Childhood Trauma Doesn't Have To Control Your Life!

You've tried different forms of therapies, diets, and remedies, but nothing is working. If you feel beaten down because your childhood trauma is morphing into adult trauma, let me help you. It doesn't have to be that way. This free guide will help you learn how to feel safe with a routine, calming strategies, and an uplifting playlist. Ready to reclaim your life by healing your mind, body and soul?

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Hi, I’m Charlotte Lim

I'm Here To Help You:

- develop routines to help you feel safe.

- create calm in your life when you feel triggered.

- recharge your mind with an uplifting playlist.

Childhood trauma was my middle name for well over two decades, but it no longer controls my life. I'm actually a teacher, but my own trauma started when I was four. Because of my inability to make healthy choices for myself back then, I carried the trauma into my teens and young adult life.

I found healing since then and recently bounced back from a traumatic experience fairly quickly (not to say that I don't have my moments). My point is that I've found a way that works really well for me.

I'd LOVE to support you in your healing by sharing my journey with you.

Reclaim Your Life By Healing Your Mind, Body and Soul!

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