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Increase Self Confidence and Decrease Disruptive Behavior

And it all begins with teaching your children how to make good choices.

Strengthen the Social Fabric of Your Home or Class.

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In this free resource, you'll find:

- Multiple ways of teaching your children the difference between how to make good and bad choices.

- Visuals to put up in your home or classroom

- Step-by-step instructions about how to teach the lessons to your children.

- Printer friendly resource: this is in color and black and white.

Hey friends!

I'm Charlotte with Colourful Teaching For You.

I'm a teacher and a mom with a passion for helping others create an environment where their children with ADHD and level 1 or level 2 autism can creatively and independently thrive and self-regulate.

Implementing these strategies have given me the freedom to spend time with my other children because I'm not constantly worried about having to monitor my children with ADHD and autism.

This allows each of my children to get the attention they deserve without me having to expend too much of my time and energy.

You can do this too!

And all of this is possible on a minimalist budget.

Join me,

Charlotte Lim

Develop Your Child's Social Skills!

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